Monday, January 19, 2009

IID 2009

The Gold Medal in Invention, Innovation & Design (IID 2009) is a good start in the early 2009. Represented faculty to the IID 2009 with 5 Gold Medal, 5 Silver Medal, The Best Poster and The Best Booth Display in the good achievement belongs to our faculty and especially art & design education department. Congratulation to all and also thanks to Jack.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Actually this my first time played with HDR effect, for this experimental i was used 2 different F stop exposure to create the HDR. Based on my review and reading it was better if you 6 or more (maybe less than..) images with a different number of exposure to get the impact of HDR (Underexposure to Overexposure). But again, i just to tried the effectiveness Photomatix Pro 3 when it used to make the HDR effect. Hence, that software didn't dissapointed me because it showed the potential in creating a good effect.

Colour Version

B/W Version

This maybe not the hardcore of HDR, still need more practice and research on how to produce a better one. Maybe after i will post more images by using HDR effect soon. GOOD LUCK for me and for you!

Welcome 2009

It was a very quick year of 2008, all the good things happen bring to the future and the bad just leave it as a past. Welcome to 2009 hopefully this new year come with more good things and wonderful moments. This 2009 will give me more list of things to do whether carrier, life, family and others. Now, my focus to aim more successfull in carrier and more love and passion to encourage me to a better person. Hopefully 2009 life more cheer and interesting day by day...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Action Figure

Too long time to me to decide whether to open up or just leave it in MINT condition but after i'm bought the display rack, something that was messed my mind and told me just unseal all the figure that i had and display it (it some like sound called me to the darkside). Somehow without any mercy i'm tears all the boxes carefully and display it into my new cabinet and it was look so nice. Actually i was serious started to collected the action figure since 2006, some of my action figure like star wars, hellboy, spawn series, transformers, LOTR, cars , robocop, gundam, and etc. I will update more picture sooner or later...


This my new toy in the dry cabinet and also the recent item in the list of 2009. Currently i had 2 speedlight SB 600 and the new one SB 900 to make full of use in making CLS ( Creative Lighting System). SB 900 was a fanstatic speedlight even it a little bit bulky but the performance much different compared SB 600. The briliant design of nikon extend my capability to play with speedlight. I will spend a plenty of time to play with my new speedlight..hehehehe